Saturday, January 22, 2011

:: john. paul. george. ringo.

any true beatles fan will appreciate
-- and most likely share --
my minor obsession & fascination
with this print.

max dalton has created a work of genius.
& it's all too unfortunate that this gem
was produced in a small quantity--
and already sold out.

the redeeming quality, however,
being that it's available
to view online--
as evidenced by this enthusiastic post.

i discovered this beauty at pinterest.
a little website where i've been browsing a lot, as of late.
i started up my own board.


come. pin. be inspired.


  1. as a true beatles fan, i swoon over this wonderful piece!

    just started following you on pinterest this morning.


  2. that is fantastic!! i just started following your board on pinterest. and you know what's awesome? we are pretty much wearing the same outfit in our profile photos. you've got great style girl ;)