Monday, May 30, 2011

:: first days of summer

1) garden journal 2) chive blossoms 3) easter egg radishes

it's warm.


it's more than warm.

it's down right hot.

and i love it.

i've got a mason jar of iced earl grey tea in front of me.

one more chapter left in a riveting novel.

the pink beginnings of a summer tan.

and emmylou harris crooning on vinyl.

life. is. good. indeed.


  1. gorgeous photographs! i love the almost pink glow in all of them. enjoy the beautiful hot day :)

  2. I love your photos. I mean, absolutely beautiful. Glad to see you've had such a great weekend. It was pretty hot here too, but like my husband said today "I'll take hot, humid and 90 degrees over rainy, damp and 60 degrees any day."

  3. preeetty much sounds like a perfect afternoon. :)

    those radishes are perfection! I've read to eat them with butter...

  4. i miss my garden! pretty photos

  5. this trio of pictures makes my heart flutter. just pure gorgeousness!


    p.s. because i'm a complete geek, i love to sing bee gee's "jive talkin'" and replace the main lyrics with "chive blossom." it takes so very little to amuse me. :D

  6. love these photos! looks like you have a nice container garden going. and what a cute backyard! and your day sounds like perfection :)

  7. Those radishes are the prettiest little things ever. A total disavowal of their gassy hot bite.