Thursday, July 7, 2011

::: carpe diem

this gorgeous head of cabbage was harvested from the garden.

so crisp. so green.

it made me ever more aware of life.


as i was peeling back the dark outer leaves for cleaning--

i discovered this beautiful little butterfly.

trapped just a moment too long amongst the deepest folds of the cabbage.

& it made me ever more aware of the fact that all things come to an end.

the whole experience left me thankful.

for the beauty in the world around me.

for lepidoptera lessons in carpe diem.

for the gift of another day to spread my wings.

and fly.


  1. such beautiful food from your garden! you're so blessed to have it at your fingertips! :)

  2. I feel bad now, for all the dead white cauliflower moths I've been thankful for.

  3. that's a mighty pretty cabbage..

  4. oh alfie, you are just so constantly amazing.

    this is gorgeous.

    you create one of my favorite blogs of all time.


    p.s. that feather is pure loveliness.