Friday, July 8, 2011

::: scones & reflection

i returned home from work this morning and made blueberry scones.

i ate one hot.

the lemon glaze still dripping.

right alongside a cup of joe.

it was exactly what i craved.

it gave me a few moments to reflect on these summer days.

spent mostly outside.

with my nephew.

as he splashes in his pool.

or on the back steps.

at dusk.

watching the sunset between the trees.


  1. It is the simple pleasures in life that make it worth living...even more so in the summer! Love your post, as always!

  2. i don't like blueberries but that scone looks delishhhh

  3. so nice, ashley. :) I usually make chocolate chip ones but perhaps I'll do blueberry ones tomorrow just for a treat.