Sunday, July 24, 2011

::: commonwealth

when i need to recharge.

i go to birmingham.

to a little cafe called commonwealth.

nestled at the end of a secluded alley street.

they serve me the best latte i've ever tasted.

sell me mast brother's chocolate bars.**

and exchange tales of brooklyn with me--

over the cash register.

as i walk through the town.

a man in a white suit croons sinatra outside a restaurant.

and smells from a dozen different bakeries drift through the air.

i look up at the sky.

through a haze of heat.

and am ever so thankful for refreshing.

** if you live in southern michigan. please. i urge you. find this cafe.
if only for the mast brother's chocolate. if you've never tasted a square. you're in for a real treat.**


  1. your writing is so enriching to read. I'm still eating a chocolate beet muffin a day...only two left, and then I will need to get chocolate into my life in other ways. :)

  2. What a lovely post! The chocolate bar with serrano peppers has to be divine! Hope you've had an uplifting and wonderful weekend.

  3. i've never heard of this cafe (nor have i heard of that chocolate). will definitely have to check it out next time we're in bham!

  4. gahhh i had my first taste of mast bros in new york, and now i'm back in montana where there is no such thing as a happy little cafe that sells them :(

  5. I'll have to try it out! thanks for the link.