Monday, July 25, 2011

::: dusk light

the temperature was in the 80's today.

and it felt like our fever broke.

a collective sweating out took place over the past few weeks.


the sigh of relief is palpable in the air.

so i took to the backyard this evening.

enjoying a haphazard breeze.

an addictive novel.

nettle leaf tea.

spicy dark chocolate.

and beautiful dusk light.


plus: here's a well done little video about the cafe i mentioned in the previous post.


  1. this looks like a lovely way to spend an hour or two :) gorgeous mug!

  2. I spent some time on my front porch as well...was so nice to sit there and feel able to breath. Glad you were able to spend some time immersed in a good book, a good cup of tea, and some great chocolate!

  3. oh how lovely! i can't even imagine 80 degree weather at this point! i'd probably have to wear a scarf. just kidding. but maybe :)

  4. Beautiful.
    It is July, summer and I have bed socks on tonight!x

  5. I love the mug! It reminds me of something my Grandma once had!

    Beautiful pictures, Hope you enjoyed your tea/ chocolate reading!

    Girl about Town XxX