Friday, October 12, 2012

today was a day.
in the woods.
by the river.

with a roof of tree limbs.
and a carpet of vibrant colored leaves.

the hues were indescribable.
reds. oranges. yellows. greens.
and the feeling of walking down the autumnal path.
enclosed in a sensory world.
of crunch.
and chill.
and color.
could not be captured in photo.

i tried again.
and again.
but the images never recreated.
the magic.
of the path.

the feeling of blending in.
of being camouflaged.
among the fallen branches.
fallen leaves.
were never able to properly portray.
what it felt like.
to be adopted.
by the autumn.


  1. Recently found my way to this site of yours. It's lovely, as is this post.

  2. well at least some magic was captured as I felt all the way over here! thanks for sharing.

  3. Excellent shots and wonderful pictures.

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